Tech Support
How can they help you?

What is Tech Support?

Tech Support or Technical Support is basically a staff of employees that are knowledgeable in a variety of services that are provided by their company. Some of the most common businesses that have tech support are Computers, Cell Phones, Software, Electronic Goods and Televisions. There are many different aspects of tech support; one of these is called Coverage. Tech support can be utilized through a Phone Call, Email, Fax, SMS or Online Chat.

Once you have chosen a method to convey your technical issues through, there are different types of Tech Support. One of these is called Time and Material, Managed Services and Block Hours. Time and Material is a type of support that is very common in the service industry. Some call it the Break Fix IT support. The idea is that the consumer will pay for the material that is needed to repair the problem and they also pay for the labor as well.

Managed Services is when a company gets a list of services that are ongoing help with response and resolution times with a flat or fixed price. These items can be 24/7 help desk for let's say computer problems or an Onsite Visit, this is when a technician will come to your home or place of business to repair your problem. Block Hours is when a customer buys a block of hours in advance and will pay a reduced hourly rate when a repair is needed. The idea behind the block hours is that the consumer can negotiate a discounted rate with a fixed number of time either monthly or yearly. This also reduces the need for paperwork when you need something done.

One of the most popular tech supports is for computers or cell phones. This type of tech support is called Remote PC Repair or Remote Computer Repair. This allows the technician to use software that can fix the problem that you are having. With the computer users permission, the technician can take over the computer and fix the computer from another location.

Tech Support has both positive aspects and negative aspects. The positive aspects are that it provides a great way to get your problems fixed at a very low cost or for free. You can save time by not having to take your device into another location. You can get what you need with just one phone call. Some of the negative aspects of the tech support is that, consumers always have to wait on hold for someone to help them. Tech support lines are always busy and unless you have at least a half an hour to wait then you may want to try email as way to utilize tech support.

These days with computers, cell phones, TV's and most electronic equipment tech support is almost a guarantee to be used. Make sure that you know the hours of tech support, if you can make a call when they first open that may be your best bet. The end of the day may be too busy, if you need to access tech support then try other methods such as Online Chat or send an email and have someone get back to you if you aren't in a hurry.